Painting and Parenting Don’t Always Agree

The Big Chair, watercolor by Angela Fehr

Today I can see why moms of preschoolers are not generally known for being prolific artists. Who has time to paint when more important things require doing?
Things like:

  • serving meals
  • changing diapers/potty training
  • finding missing socks
  • pushing swings
  • doing laundry
  • doling out/cleaning up/baking snacks
  • arranging dandelion bouquets in vases
  • filling watering can for little helpers
  • cleaning up tracked-in mud
  • refereeing squabbling daughters
  • helping to color in coloring books
  • reading Charlotte’s Web
  • having a tea party/beach party/bubble bath party
  • making pink satin capes for dress-up
  • wiping runny noses
  • singing another round of “Pat-a-Cake”

I’ve talked in the past about time management being a mom/artist’s best friend, and it does help. But some days, the kids require all my attention and energy, and no amount of organization will change that. I’m a little jealous of all the daily painters on a day like today. I’m lucky to get one painting completed per month! I’ve thought about getting a sitter once a week to watch the kids while I paint, but it doesn’t feel right at this point. Maybe when I start homeschooling this fall and have even less time!

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About Angela Fehr

I'm a 37-year-old professional watercolour artist living in northern British Columbia, a painter and creative loving the beauty found in everyday moments.


Painting and Parenting Don’t Always Agree — 4 Comments

  1. Angela, you’re doing just fine. You haven’t given up altogether like so many do. Some of those go immediately into martyr mode. You haven’t gone there at all. You paint when you can, you make choices, you stay connected to other artists, you think about art and plan it when you can’t actually paint at the moment… all this is great. Raising children is art, too, remember.
    Hang in there!
    Thank you for taking a minute out of your very busy life to leave such a sweet and supportive comment for me this morning.

  2. Thanks, Susan. Having a blog really helps me stay “plugged in” creatively – if I’m not painting or planning a painting, I’m thinking about my next post! And I need to keep painting so that I have something to post from time to time.

    And your post inspired me – I want to post sometime soon about a bit of my own artistic beginnings and journey.

  3. I understand how you feel…I have two girls, now ages 8 and 13, which is getting much easier. They now help with the chores instead of contributing more work for me. When they were infants, I kept a bed and comfortable chair in my studio for nursing and always played relaxing classical or jazz music. When they became toddlers, I gave up half the studio (which wasn’t huge to begin with) for a play area, and now half my current studio is a family room. Someday I’ll have it to myself, but I have received a number of comments about their creativity and their knowledge of the creative process. So I don’t consider my painting life/space a sacrifice anymore, but an enhancement to both their lives and mine.

    Beautiful work by the way.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, Veronica. I’m not sure whether I have a studio that’s also a playroom or a playroom with a studio corner! And my oldest who is 5, loves to paint with me. I do think that it’s so important to nurture creativity in our children, and it is definitely most effective when done by example.