Tutorial: Cookie Sheet Calendar

Cookie Sheet Calendar tutorial by Angela FehrDid you like my cookie sheet calendar? Do you want to make your own? It makes a great gift for a loved family member (though I am keeping mine all to myself)!

Here’s some instructions for you:

Supplies List:
Cookie Sheet: 10 x 15 inch
Magnets: I use 8×10 inch sheets of magnet that I buy from a local sign shop. Printable magnet paper is too weak.
Chipboard: I use cereal boxes.
Patterned Paper: You can use up your scraps, or if you want to coordinate the project, it takes about four sheets of 12×12 paper.
Clear acetate or vinyl: 4″ x 6″ – this will be the pocket for the photo on the header.
Embellishments: whatever you want! I loved using buttons and flowers on mine.
Number & Letter Stamps: for the numbers I used “Amore” from Close to My Heart. The letter stamps are “Artstamps Large” from Inkadinkadoo. I also used another set from Inkadinkadoo “Flourishes” to embellish the day squares.
Ink, glue, paper & chipboard cutters, ruler, punches, whatever.

Optional: I painted my cookie sheet for a distressed look, lightly stroking on Delta Ceramcoat Enamel, which sticks well to metal surfaces.

Chipboard Cutting Guide:
1 piece: 4.5″ x 9.5″ – this is your header
12 pieces: 1.25″ x 9.5″ – month strips
1 piece: 3/4″ x 9.5″ – week strip
40 pieces: 1.25″ x 1.25″ – You need 31 pieces for the months, plus 2 for the 23/30 and the 24/31 combination. Plus 6 blank pieces to fill the empty spaces at the beginning of the month. Also, if you want to have some photo squares to put in place for special occasions (birthdays, etc.), you’ll need to cut more squares for those.

After cutting the chipboard, I figured out my paper. I “fussy-cut” (cut out the prettiest part of the paper) my header, keeping in mind that the far left side would be covered by my photo. Then I inked the edges of the paper, and sewed my acetate rectangle on three sides, leaving the top open to form a pocket. I embellished the piece, and then, and only then, I glued my paper to my chipboard.
I may have “scrap lung” now, after gluing my forty squares of paper to my forty squares of chipboard and then sanding all the edges with an emery board. It took a while, and I am sneezy from paper dust, but it was the best way to get the squares to look finished. I also inked the edges, and then stamped the backgrounds using a stamp set from Inkadinkadoo. Then I stamped the numbers using Amore acrylic numbers by Close to my Heart inked with Chocolate Chip ink from Stampin‘ Up! and embellished some (but not all) of the squares.
I papered, sanded and inked the rest of my chipboard strips and then set to finishing them.

On the 1/2″ x 9.5″ strip, I stamped the days of the week in Close to Cocoa ink from Stampin’ Up! and a random stamp set from Walmart. Stupid wooden stamps never make it easy to line up the letters, which is why I am a HUGE fan of acrylic alphabet stamps. I didn’t mind the unevenness. I like my stuff to look at least a little homemade.
Months were stamped on the 1.25″ x 9.5″ strips using an acrylic letter set from Inkadinkadoo inked with Close to Cocoa. I really didn’t want to use abbreviations for the month and that worked out okay. The only one that got a little cramped was September, and I still got that last “R” on the strip!

Using the magnet sheet made it much easier – I can see myself soon having to replace the first bunch that I did using a roll of magnet strip, as the roll got shorter, the curl became harder to flatten, and the pieces with those bits on back don’t want to sit flat. But it won’t be hard to correct if they become a real problem.
Here’s some photos of another cookie sheet calendars that I made:

chris's calendar angel


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  1. I knew I’d forget some details, Mary! I’ve edited the post to answer your questions.

  2. Hey Angela,

    Just wanted to say I love your cookie sheet calendar. I made one a couple of years ago, but i like your style better. Think I'm going to make another one like this.

    Thanks for the instructions.


  3. I've never seen anything like this! Totally blows my mind. You are so creative and i LOVE How it all fit together like that! I must give it a try!

  4. This is amazing! I am definately putting this on my to do list! Thanks for sharing this amazing idea!

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    This blog is amazing, you really have a great talent going woman! I'm WAUWed away here.

    Warmth and love,
    Rikke-Louise -your latest fan.

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  6. This is far and away one of the nicest cookie sheet calendars I have seen. I have made several myself, but i love the dimension you were able to acheive. I might be inspired to make another one. I featured your calendar tutorial in a roundup on my blog. Thank you – we love your work.