Challenge Links and a Tutorial: Making a Glitter Word Title

Today I have TWO layouts up on other blogs – we’ve got a new challenge up at Scrap Your Crap so you want to check that out and enter to win.  I don’t want to “string” you along hinting at what the challenge is, so go visit the site and find out what scrappy crap they want you to stop hoarding this month!
And today my first layout as April Guest Designer for Sketchy Thursdays is up as well.  Another great sketch and prize to go with it – what are you waiting for? Go and enter!
I wanted to show you the technique I used to get my sparkly “waxy” title because I thought it was just the coolest thing ever when I discovered it a week or two ago.

You need a roll of that Terrifically Tacky Tape – the red double-sided stuff, and a container of glitter – I used black ultrafine glitter from Martha Stewart Crafts.  And since I totally ripped this idea off from the Cosmo Cricket blog, you can go there for the video straight from the source if my explanation gets a little rambly – I’ve got a tendency…
  1. Write the word you want to use in pencil on your layout. Flowing letters (cursive) works best.
  2. Cut a loong strip of tape, remove both sides of the backing.
  3. Holding a tape end in each hand, twist the tape till it gets ropy.
  4. Starting at one end of your word (I worked right to left), guide the tape along the pencilled lines to form the work with the twisted tape.  Cut off any excess tape and throw away.
  5. Pour glitter over the word, press lightly to adhere. Shake excess glitter off – use a small paintbrush to brush away any stubborn flecks – the finer the glitter, the more trouble you will have with staticky loose glitter sticking to your photo – believe me!


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  1. oh YUM! i saw this on the ST blog and had to come over for another look! i love what you've done here…and thank you for essplainin' how you made the cursive glitter title, that is FAB-u-LOUS!!! ♥♥♥