Snapshots from Easter

Spent Easter Sunday at my grandparents’ house in Silver Valley. I brought the camera and it was so good to capture moments with camera, mind and heart.

Grandma’s Easter candy game.

Scooter enjoyed a whipped cream covered pickle. Sassy prefers hers with ketchup.

The word is out: I gave birth to a motorcycle dude.

Time to break out Daddy’s old “leather” jacket from his own elementary dude days.

Two cousins, doing their carpenter great-grandfather proud.

I’ve seen that look before! He’s his father’s son.

The hula hoopers came out to show off their skills.

Scooter has a casual style – she likes to move as little as required to keep the hoop twirling.

I’m not sure that it’s really a marketable skill.

Like I said, a very subtle wiggle.

Note to self: take video!

Took a walk. Checked out the water overflowing from the dam that is uphill from Grandpa & Grandma’s home. It’s a great skating pond in winter, but I don’t recommend skating in April, no matter how much ice remains!

As much as I’ve loved my busy life – I’ve been immersed in art projects and it’s so wonderful to be doing my favourite thing almost all day long – it is another kind of wonderful to be relaxing with family and enjoying these moments.


Snapshots from Easter — 4 Comments

  1. Great pictures! Love Wes’s bike! Where’s the black jacket? Looks like you had nice weather too. Looking forward to your visit in a month or so.