The field in front of our house may be poison to my hay fever afflicted son, but it’s paradise for the girls. It’s a beautiful tangle of pink & white & purple clover, blue-lavender harebells (my favourite) and dotted with wild strawberries. I’ve been getting daily bouquets that we put outside when Wade comes home – he’s allergic to clover too. So pretty…and I don’t have pictures. They wouldn’t do it justice.

It’s been about four years since we painted the girls’ room. I call the colour Grape Hubba Bubba and I was almost instantly sick of it. It’s a lot of work to repaint, especially over a dark colour, so I’ve waited this long, but I am waiting no longer. We have a pail of light apple green that might actually be yellow, and a lot of primer, and I’m going to be done by the weekend. I also need to paint over the purple chapstick smears on the ceiling. Hazards of having a bunkbed. I’d like to do a little makeover – window treatments, wall art, storage. Their room is so small that we’ve never had a good toy management plan. Last time they cleaned their room they decided it would just be easier to keep their toys in a garbage bag. That hasn’t worked so well, and I think any mom would not be surprised by that.

Sassy is reading novels now! I am so excited. She read a Judy Moody novel yesterday – the whole 160 page book in a day. She was very proud of herself, and Wade said, “You’re turning into your mom already?” I asked her why it took so long, after all, I’ve been me since birth. I don’t want to choose a book that is too much of a challenge, so I’m holding back from introducing anything more than the simplest chapter books, but soon she’ll make friends with Ramona! and Nancy Drew! and Encyclopedia Brown! and the Great Brain! and all the other novels I loved as a kid, and more besides. But I’m not sure what the years ahead will hold – a lot of screening for me – have you looked at what’s on offer for teen fiction lately?

It’s two coats of primer and one of paint later, and their room is GREEN! Or yellow, depending on the light. I think I like it. Tomorrow, the ceiling.


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