Still: Five Minute Friday

Does He ask me to be still? Does He see me, all frizzy hair and flying hands, whirling and speaking and planning my next move and whisper, Be still?

Be still, and know that I am.

I am so proud of productivity, so happy to have a bulging mental folder of what-to-do-next. I know my creativity is from Him. My children are from Him. My overflowing life is a gift, and I love to launch into it.

But I am not good at listening. I love to fill myself – a book always on the go, a phone call to a friend, a dart up to the computer to see what’s new on Facebook or the blogroll. And I love to fill my hands – this week a fresh-painted room, a case of apricots to be chopped and cooked into jam, and always the painting in my mind and the scrapbook layout that has my desk a disaster.

Stillness isn’t necessarily inaction and I have learned the value of meditation, pondering a spiritual truth as I wash dishes, listening to a radio theatre CD of Narnia and seeking the parallels to Christian faith. But yet I know I fail so often to be still – a conversation where I am truly listening, not just planning my response. Why do we do that?

This is a Five Minute Friday post prompted by the Gypsy Mama. Write along with us, why don’t you, and link up here.


Still: Five Minute Friday — 4 Comments

  1. Oh, I can relate. I often complain about just how busy my life is and yet I don’t realize that I’m using that same excuse to get out of listening to Him. I need to always keep my priorities in check because He should always be my #1.

  2. I can so relate to that and am the same way. Then all the sudden I feel like I am crashing and just need to BE still, completely, and listen to Him speak in the silence.

  3. oh. i totally get this. every so often, i just lay down, some quiet music on (in my headphones) and i ask God to just come do whatever He wants in me – say whatever He wants – and if for nothing else, i am still.

    there’s rest in that. i love it.

    thanks for the reminder that i need to do that again soon.

    beautiful post.

  4. I so get this … but mine is kind of reversed. In the quietness of my day I seem to idle sometimes at a rate that is anything but still in my spirit. Overwhelmed sometimes at the vastness of what I could do. Odd … I just began seeing this clearly today; because of this prompt.
    I agree my creativity was put in me by God … and He intends I use it. I must find a way to be still and not paralysed by my freedom.
    Thank you, great post.