Back to School.

We started school on Labour Day. I like a five-day school week, what can I say? And the kids didn’t seem to care about missing a long weekend.

Wecco, my brand-new kindergartener, was excited about starting school. I quickly realized that I’ll have to adjust his curriculum a little – between his reading, Explode the Code and handwriting he covered three different letters of the alphabet. Far better to focus on one at a time, so I’ll use the reading textbook as our guideline for what letter to introduce when. I am so glad I bought the wooden letter builders from Handwriting Without Tears! We trace the new letter with our fingers, then form it with the wooden blocks, and then try writing it with chalk or pencil. And I like the little song we sing about always starting our letters at the top. It’s very kinder-friendly.

Sassy & Scooter tackled the new math curriculum – we are using Math-U-See and they are both doing the Beta level. Today we also needed to do a quick review of some addition methods.

I cannot say enough about how big a fan I am of the library’s summer reading program. Both girls surged forward in their reading over the summer and Sassy especially advanced at least one grade level in her reading. She went from early reader books like Frog & Toad at the end of the school year to chapter books like Henry Huggins and was even sneaking ahead in the chapter book I’ve been reading to the kids at bedtime. So when I need to spend extra time working with Wecco, I can put the girls to silent reading and their time isn’t wasted.

And because it’s the first week and I am idealistic, we even did Phys. Ed. yesterday, hauling out the long skipping rope to give the girls a lesson in skipping and rope-turning. They did well for their first time, and on a windy day, too!

Last week we went berry picking and stopped in a picturesque spot to take photos – I’m calling them their “school pictures” for this year – though Scooter could use a hairbrush and a retake. I’m thinking of waiting for retakes until her front teeth fall out – they are very wiggly!

Shades of the teenager she will be in a few years. Sassy is too pretty!

My little firecracker, Scooter! Love this blondie!

Wecco is everything I ever wanted in a son. And a little bit more.


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