Can’t Feel the Ground, But I’ve Got Wings.

I’m not sure there’s ground under the next step I’m taking.

I’ve had a web site for ten years or so now, and my identity has always been that of watercolour artist. I started the site to promote my art, my first blog was all about the art, and yet since my children were born, it’s been hard to keep painting. Fear of becoming one of those people who “used to paint” drove me on.

Nearly five years ago I started scrapbooking and discovered a way to be creative every single day. I absolutely love paper crafting because of the beautiful products and myriad techniques and this year especially I’ve had such a sense of rightness about what I’m doing, trusting my inner voice and letting it come out in paper craft.

Not painting has just made me feel guilty. I’m creative every day, but I’m not painting. I’m loving what I am doing, but I can’t truthfully call myself a watercolour artist first and foremost.

So I’m not going to anymore. I am an artist. That’s the same. What that art will look like? Depends on the day.

I’ll be making some changes to the blog, to my Facebook fan page and my general web presence. I think it will make my life less complicated, which is a good thing. I hope you’ll all stick with me, even those of you who signed up because of my paintings. Creativity is fluid and I want to flow with it.

Have you had a similar awakening in your life? I’d love to hear about it!


Can’t Feel the Ground, But I’ve Got Wings. — 4 Comments

  1. I agree and well said, creativity is something I enjoy everyday whether it’s just putting together an outfit, taking a photograph or papercrafting, so we shouldn’t feel guilty or pressured when our passion changes between mediums, it’s all an artform, ever evolvibg. That’s what keeps us interested afterall right?

  2. Why limit yourself, right? Art is art, the medium should be whatever inspires you today!

    I know where you’re coming from.. I can draw well, and I can paint well, and these are things most people in my life wish they could do – so I feel like I should because I can. But it isn’t where my passion is, so the years have passed since I picked up a paintbrush! I am happy doing what I am doing though.

    And one day, you’ll see something that calls out to be painted, and you’ll paint it!

  3. You’ve explained yourself well (and me too :). I think it’s all a part of growing, as a person and as an artist. The mediums may change, just like the artist working with them.
    When I was expecting my 1st child, I was enthralled with ceramics and clay. 25 years later, I still love clay, however, it’s not my main outlet now. I’ve branched out into jewelry, papercrafts, crocheting, photography and am picking up where I left off (years ago) with painting.
    There’s been many distractions over the years, but I’m still driven to create, however and whenever I can. I think it’s the NEED to make things that allows me to call myself an artist.
    You said “Creativity is fluid and I want to flow with it.” I LOVE THAT!!

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