A Rainbow Runs Through It

Happy World Card Making Day!
Are you psyched? Are you creating? Do you want to know how I made this incredibly vibrant marbled rainbow card?

I’m not making cards today, I’m afraid. My husband has recruited me to assist him in putting siding on our shop, and since the building also contains a great big studio space for me, I’m not going to balk at spending WCMD enabling myself to have a future fantastic scrap/craft/art space!

As always, I’m behind the camera, but I was up there being useful, I promise! The windows and door are to my future studio, above our garage. And it’s much safer than it looks – the children each had their moment on the boards and then it was back inside the studio to safety and help with cleanup.

I’m thrilled to be able to share with you a tutorial on my marbled rainbow card. Up until a few weeks ago, marbling was something on my wish list for art techniques. I remember when I was a young girl, reading about making marbled paper in my craft books and the supply list included things like printers’ inks or oil paints, and it just sounded too messy and cumbersome to attempt. And then I saw an artist on a painting web site (sorry, can’t remember the source), sharing his technique for making marbled paper, and he was using some kind of liquid ink. And it occurred to me that I own several colours of alcohol inks and even though it was Sunday morning and we had to leave for church in a few minutes, I knew I had to try it.

I cut several pieces of plain white cardstock. Doesn’t need to be glossy. And you need a rainbow’s worth of inks.

I use a glass cake pan to marble my paper, and clean it with the blending solution. Paper towel under all to keep stains off the countertop and to dry the cardstock. Make sure the pan is large enough so that the cardstock can lay flat inside.

Pour a half inch or so of clean water into your pan. Then get ready to ink up! For the rainbow technique, I prefer to squirt my ink in roughly the shape I want it to appear on the paper, although using a toothpick or something to swirl the colours works too. Do not use mixatives with this technique. As soon as they hit the water they clump up and get all wonky.

While I squirted the red in a band across the water, keeping the tip quite close to the water, it really spread this time. That’s okay – I want an organic look to my marbling, so I’ll work with it.

Look what happens when you squirt the orange into the water! See how it separates the red and pushes the colours apart? Amazing!

I’ve added the yellow here, right beside the orange. Again, keep the tip of the ink right close to the water as you squirt for the best control.

I’ve added all the colours here, green after yellow, and then blue and then purple. Notice that the red is a little mixed up – again, I don’t mind. We’re going for organic – in a rainbow hippie tie-dyed kind of way!

Take your paper:

and place it flat on the surface of the water.

Let it sit for just a moment – you’ll start to see the ink cling to the paper, and the paper will start to become a little transparent. Then lift it out quickly:
and let it dry. Isn’t it wonderful? That white spot is an air bubble – I always seem to get one or two but I don’t mind. Part of the hippie “go with the flow” attitude of the project.

My kids loved making marbled paper with me, and we weren’t even late for church! And later I made this card which I just love, using Unity Stamps and the Parisian Accents die from Spellbinders (die cut through foil). It’s inspiring creativity like this that makes me love card making!

Do check out the Paper Crafts Magazine World Card Making blog tour for more great card mojo inspiration!







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