A Dr. Suess themed scrapbook page!

I like to dabble in all kinds of creative pursuits. When I was fifteen, I wrote and illustrated a “magazine” I called the “Frenetic Gazette” and I had so much fun writing articles, editorials, and cartoons and trying to make everything just as funny as possible. My family were my readership and they always laughed at my jokes!

Canadian Scrapbooker did a Dr. Suess theme for a recent publication call and I had to play along. While my layout didn’t get chosen for the magazine, it is a fun way to create a layout and perfectly suited the photos I had of my girls on the rides at the fair. Plus I love the play on words in my title – we used to joke about naming one of our kits “County” Fehr, and maybe a daughter named “Sordida” and a son named “Un”!

It’s a simple layout but I wanted to keep the focus on the journaling. What about you? Do you ever write poetry? Mine is always funny!


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