A Cheerful Cola card and a Sunday look to the week ahead.

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and I’m sharing a bright and cheerful card to match my mood, just for fun! All the stamps are from Unity Stamp Co.

Looking ahead to a good week! I’ve got a watercolour class to teach, a calligraphy project to ink onto good paper (it’s a little scary to anticipate!) and after a long bike ride this afternoon, I’ll be doing a “recovery week” on my triathlon training schedule. Maybe that will give me more time in the studio!

I really want to submit something to the Peace Liard Arts Council’s Regional Juried Art Exhibition (what a mouthful!) so I’m hoping I can finish my apple blossom painting. It’s almost done, I just don’t know if it’s good enough to exhibit. There are a lot of places where I didn’t know what to do so I just added paint willy-nilly. Is it wrong to admit that?

Hoping to get my bike repaired so I have a few more gears for the triathlon, and this week I want to drive up to Fort St. John and check out the route I’ll be cycling and running on June 3. I bit the bullet and registered yesterday so I really am committed now! Not that I wasn’t before – I keep saying that’s why I tell everyone that I’m doing a triathlon – so I don’t chicken out! Every training run is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and yet every time I manage to complete it. There is something so rewarding about that. And I’m seeing results in my physique too. I haven’t lost more than a couple of pounds, but I’m leaner and sleeker. Except when I’m wearing my swimsuit – it’s a little too long and bags at the bottom.

A couple of paper craft magazines have calls for submission ending this week, so I want to craft for that.

So much to do, so many ideas, and still all of this comes after parenting, wife-ing, homeschooling, and housekeeping. Well, I confess that housekeeping usually comes after creating!



A Cheerful Cola card and a Sunday look to the week ahead. — 4 Comments

  1. Really like this card…and happy to hear that housekeeping is at the bottom of your list.
    I’ll be thinking of you June 3rd.

  2. CUTE card! That idea would make a cute birthday party invite for my boys!..Oh and you are certainly good enough to exhibit and so is that apple blossom painitng….just go for it!

  3. Housekeeping is SUPPOSED to come after creating! Well, it does around here anyway, unless everyone’s yelling about supper ;)
    Love this fun & cheerful card, and I so hear you on seeing results from working out (although I am no triathlete!). It’s not so much the number on the scale as it is the changes in your body :)