My First Calligraphy Painting

I’ve always been interested in calligraphy. When I was seven, I had a set of Crayola markers with “fancy” tips that would draw a double or triple line, and my baby brother chewed off the nibs. I’ve never really gotten over it!

In my teens I ordered a book on lettering from a school catalogue, and tried out different lettering styles. And I bought fountain pens with calligraphy tips in my early twenties, and learned how to use a dip pen in an art class. And I’ve always, always worked on my handwriting, adopting new ways of writing different letters any time I found a way to write that looked better than the way I was writing.

When I was approached a couple of months ago and asked to create a piece of calligraphy, I was hesitant. My first instinct was to refuse the commission. But I also knew that calligraphy, like drawing, is all about line, and I believed that with practice, I would be able to create a piece of art that would satisfy my client and also perhaps leave me with a new skill that I could use in my art.

I did a good deal of research, ordered quality ink and pens and practised daily for several weeks. My back cramped up and my fingers grew ink-stained, but I could see growth which gave me confidence to see the project through to completion. Today my client picked up the completed piece of art, which I can share with you now:

You never know if you can do something unless you are willing to work hard and try. I am happy with the completed artwork and so was my client. And I’m going to keep refining my technique and building on what I’ve started.




My First Calligraphy Painting — 4 Comments

  1. That is beautiful! The art, words, and calligraphy work so well together in this piece…good job!
    And…bad Ross for chewing the markers! LOL

  2. WOW!!! this is awesome!!
    Good advice as well – people sometimes “commission” me to do different things and I guess I should never say no until I play with it a bit.
    This turned out wonderful and I bet your client adores it
    :-) Wendy in Tucson