A list, a triathlon update and a Gallery Idol card

1. Went shopping for summer capris on Saturday which was a wonderful experience. Note: when you are trying on bottoms and one pair fits two whole sizes smaller than your usual, BUY THEM. My triathlon training is paying off, and I get to eat without guilt, so it’s totally win-win.

2. Triathlon is two weeks away. I’m more excited than scared at this point and it’s because I joined the bike club on Tuesday and we cycled 30km. As I pedalled up the biggest hill, I kept repeating under my breath “I’m hardcore, I’m hardcore,” which is truly wishful thinking but it got me to the top and beating that hill has given me confidence that I will do fine with the cycle portion of the triathlon on June 3rd. Also it is much more fun to bike with others than alone. MUCH.

3. I entered several cards in Paper Crafts magazine’s Gallery Idol contest. Today I scrolled through many of the nearly 1100 entries and if I don’t place in the top 20 I won’t feel too hurt. Do you know how many cards that is? A card needs to be truly stellar to stand out among that many entries. Here’s one of the ones I entered of which I am most proud:

I love the collage effect and the embossed frame which is a Spellbinders die, uncut.

I enjoyed doing a lot of stamping on this card using Pink Paislee Spring Jubilee stamps.

I just love that bee! Tip: sometimes certain clear acrylic stamps will have issues with the ink beading. I learned from Jennifer McGuire via Twitter that a light sanding with a very fine grade of sandpaper will help them hold the ink evenly.

4. Wade built for the kids all weekend. He brought home a swing set, slide & play yard from work, and set it up in the yard. There’s even a fireman’s pole to slide down! And if that’s not enough, he also set up a rope swing in the very back of the yard. It’s the favourite so far.

This photo was taken last week and we do have leaves now! Finally. And though it snowed like crazy on Friday, Saturday was beautiful.

I even got a sunburn on Sunday.

have a great week friends!


A list, a triathlon update and a Gallery Idol card — 2 Comments

  1. Your card is stunning! Even if it doesn’t place in the top 20 at PC, it’s still a winner IMHO!!!

  2. A triathalon ! wow, you are a sucess, just getting into shape for that one. Love this post, How sweet of your DH to create an exciting play ground for the kids. Your little one on the swing at the end is a special photo. Well done all the way around. Keep smiling and creating.
    PS stellar cards as always.