Two Photo Editing Tools for Artistic Photography

I got up early this morning to paint since I wanted to all day yesterday and didn’t get to it. It’s amazing how even a laid back family day can be so full; I’m learning I have to take my minutes and not wait for them to knock.

I discovered a few new photo editing tricks recently. Kim Klassen is a photographer who creates textures for photos. If you don’t know what that means, well, neither did I. She posts a little description with many of her photos on how she uses these texture files to add effects to her photos.

I started with this photo:

Then I downloaded Kim Klassen’s “confusion” texture and using my Layer Blending Options in Photoshop CS4, I tried a few different things. I think (I didn’t write it down), I used the Soft Light blending option, adjusting the transparency until I had a look I liked. Then I layered the confusion texture over that layer, blending with the Pin Light option. And then I used the trial version of RadLab (which I think I have to buy!) to add some lighting effects.

I always thought I needed to be a Photoshop guru to do cool stuff to my photos but suddenly I’m finding art in my photos and it’s really fun! Can’t wait to try more!


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