PPC#80: Back to Nature with Home Made Jam

When I was a little girl, summertime always meant berry picking. On my knees with Grandma in the wild strawberry patch always reaped a jewel-like handful to eat with cream and sugar. Berry picking outings with my mum and aunt included a lot more complaining, batting at bees and blackflies in the saskatoon thicket or gazing fearfully around worrying about grizzly encounters on Huckleberry Mountain.

Not much has changed over the years, only now I’m the mum, and the complaining is done by my kids. Actually, I try to be pretty sensitive about not keeping them out there against their will; at least not for too long!

And berry picking also means fresh jam! Delicious! I’ve made strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and apricot-mango (pictured below) and though I didn’t pick the fruit, the apricot-mango is my favourite. I thought it would be fun to make some cute labels for the jars I plan to give as gifts, so I got out my favourite dies – Spellbinders dies – to see what I could come up with.
Not a complicated design – just an arrangement of die cuts I layered (Spellbinders Labels 1, Large Circles and Scallop Circles Large, and Ribbon Banners for the orange felt). I like using 100% wool felt for die cutting since it cuts so cleanly.

The rest of the Scrapbooker’s Paradise design team is getting Back to Nature and what’s more natural than homemade jam? (aside from fresh berries, that is!) I’m pleased to have jars that I would be proud to give to a friend as a sweet and delicious gift, and I’d love to see what you come up with in your own Back to Nature challenge entry!

Visit the Scrapbooker’s Paradise blog today to see the rest of the design team’s projects and submit your challenge entry! Thanks for visiting; won’t you stop by for jam & fresh buns one of these days?


PPC#80: Back to Nature with Home Made Jam — 4 Comments

  1. LOL, my husband remembers picking berries as a kid so vividly that he has actually BANNED me from taking our own kids – I’m not even joking. If I want to pick berries, I am on my own ;)
    I love the tags! Especially the blueberry one :)
    A friend of mine has a thriving little business with some really unique preserves – she blogs as well, thought you might enjoy the link:

    • Oh, I think it’s good for my kids to be a little bit miserable out there once in a while! Just a little. And thanks for the link! I checked it out right away and just might have to try some of those recipes.

  2. Love your take on this challenge Angela. Off the page and card. I haven’t made any preserves this year. Thanks for this gorgeous inspiration.

  3. Wonderful jar tags:). I have such fond memories of berry picking too. I think I ended up with just as many berries in my tummy as in my bucket, maybe that is why I did not do a whole lot of complaining. I sure miss the huckleberry jam my gramma us to make.