A Love Poem in Photos to the Peace River Region.

I wish that you could see my home the way I see it. It’s easy, even for those who live here, to get fixated on our distance from city and cultural centres, the long, dark, cold winters, and the “rednecks” who live out here. And maybe it takes a special person to recognize and love the Peace River region for its beauty and abundance.

It’s a wild beauty. Untamed and rugged.

The people have to be too, but they are warm and down-to-earth.

Full of contrasts, as dramatic as the scars on an aspen’s trunk.

To enjoy it, you have to be willing to get a little dirty…

And maybe encounter a thorn or two…

But, oh, the wild roses scent the air in June!

Dress warmly. Sweaters at hand, even in July…

And keep your eyes open,

Because beauty is everywhere.

I hope you love your home as much as I love mine. Photos taken during our family camping trip this September Labour Day weekend.



A Love Poem in Photos to the Peace River Region. — 2 Comments