Giveaway Winner & Harvest in Watercolour

Results from this giveaway: Congratulations, B.J. Moore! You’ve won a copy of the September/October 2012 and the July/August issues of Paper Crafts magazine! Email me with your mailing address and I’ll pop them in the mail for you.

I’m getting the studio cleaned up for the beginning of my fall watercolour sessions. Six students and I will be meeting every Thursday through the end of October and learning the basics of watercolour. I’m always a little nervous, even though I’ve been teaching for years. I so want my students to be excited by watercolour, and stay encouraged during the learning process. I want things to be interesting and fun, the time to fly by, and I want to be clear in my communication. And I want to see them progress and not flood them with too much information to absorb. It’s a lot of responsibility!

I was inspired by the harvesting going on across the landscape I can see from my studio window, and I had fun trying out a painting of a combine harvester in action. I won’t be finishing it, after getting a little further than the above in progress shot I realized that the bright sharpness of a new combine isn’t really what I’m inspired by. An old, faded combine, painted in muted tones would evoke such a feeling of sentimentality, don’t you think? We’ll see if I get to it this year. I have so much more I want to paint that I might just abandon the topic and head straight into fall foliage. And I love the freedom of being able to decide to paint whatever I want.



Giveaway Winner & Harvest in Watercolour — 1 Comment

  1. I’m so thrilled to win the magazines and I’m sure I ought to get my creative juices re-charged going through them. I have a tendency to read and re-read so the enjoyment will last for quite some time. :)
    Thank-you for the opportunity to win.
    I really enjoy your artistic abilities… to paint and create your cards etc. Your paintings really are lovely. Watercolors are so individual.