About Angela Fehr

I'm a 37-year-old professional watercolour artist living in northern British Columbia, a painter and creative loving the beauty found in everyday moments.

Waterton Viewpoints & a Fundraiser Update

There’s a fresh smell in the air, and a lightness in my step. Spring has a way of lifting the burden of winter that you didn’t even realize was there. It’s like a skiff of new snow, beautiful and crystal-shimmered, successive snows thickening the drifts until the land groans under the weight. On Friday night we attended Stuart McLean’s “Vinyl Cafe” performance (he’s a Canadian storyteller and a family favourite) and he commented, “It must be beautiful here in Dawson Creek at Christmas.” The entire auditorium burst out laughing. We are so accustomed to people shuddering at the length of our winters, the deep cold and dreariness of dark winter days that the beauty of our winters is not something we expect people to equate with the north. I mean, it is beautiful; we just like to keep that part a secret!

We’re so close to spring, we can smell it, and I’m recalling last spring’s trip to Waterton National Park. What a stunning park, and so peaceful! We were there in mid May and the snow was almost completely gone and hints of green just starting to appear. I’ve been enjoying painting it in miniature, 5 x 7 inch landscapes that will be sent to my charity fundraiser donors. Can I just thank you all for giving?Together we raised $1,410 for Gospel for Asia and suffering women in Asia. Thank you!

"Red Rock Pathway" watercolor by Angela Fehr

“Along the Red Rock” watercolor on paper 5″ x 7″ 

These little 5″ x 7″ paintings are so fun to paint. I can make one in an hour, if you don’t count the drying time between the different elements. There is little risk in painting such a small painting and maybe that’s why they almost always turn out. Fresh & fun.

 "Waterton's Wake" watercolor on paper 5x7 inches by Angela Fehr

“Waterton’s Wake” watercolor on paper 5″ x 7″

Rockface at Waterton watercolor by Angela Fehr http://angelafehr.com

“Rockface at Waterton” watercolor on paper 5″ x 7″

"Waterton Viewpoint" watercolor by Angela Fehr

“Waterton Overlook” watercolor on paper 5″ x 7″

Red Hot Colour: Playing with Fluid Watercolor

I have been having so much fun playing with colour lately. With a small painting (this one is 5″ x 7″), I can be adventurous with color and let daring combinations happen, like red & turquoise and a new fun colour in my palette, Phthalo Yellow Green from Daniel Smith.

Carnivale, original watercolor painting by Angela Fehr

Painting from my imagination is so liberating. It almost feels like cheating to just drop in colours that please me, play with shapes and lines and dots. This 5″ x 7″ is available on my new “Watercolour Sketchbook” etsy shop. The Etsy shop will be where I list studies, sketches or colour exercises that are smaller or more affordably priced than the larger pieces on my gallery page. I’m happy to be able to present options for art collectors of all budgets. (Note: I will be closing the Etsy shop while we are on vacation for three weeks this month, so if you wish to make a purchase, please do so by March 9th).

Five Fun Florals in Watercolor

Paintings are happening!

I’m realizing that my work goes a little bit in spurts. Working on several paintings at once means that I usually have several great beginnings, but getting from there to the completed painting can be a little bit of a slog.

So it’s been fun for me to work on these small 5″ x 7″ paintings that will be gifted to my charity fundraiser $50 donors. They have been so generous that I have quite a list of paintings to send out!

"Blues" watercolor by Angela Fehr

 Many of the donors have requested a floral theme. So much for the “wisdom” that says artists shouldn’t paint florals! (I have actually heard this, and I think it’s ridiculous. Paint whatever you darn well want, is what I live by.)

"Lilac Sisters" watercolor by Angela Fehr

(two lilac themed paintings)

Painting floral themes is very liberating for me because I love exploring shape and colour and flowers are very forgiving. Not every artist feels this way. I had one artist tell me “Landscapes are harder than florals” and I was in agreement, and then another artist overheard her and responded that for her it was the opposite. So we all have our own natural bent, and that’s okay.

"Orchids 2" watercolor by Angela Fehr

I love growing orchids and have at least 8 different orchid plants in my home. They are easy to care for and the blooms last for ages, brightening a bleak winter’s day.

 "Reds" watercolor by Angela Fehr

This one was just a fun exploration of colour. The flowers are pretty little posies, more design elements than based on actual blooms. Artists can do that, you know! Invent a flower? Why not?

These blossoms don’t wither, and they brighten the day. My donors are getting a $100 painting free for their donation of $50 and you can too by donating here! This opportunity ends March 8, 2015.

Ten Reasons to Feel Great at 38

I turned thirty-eight on the weekend and I have to say that for the artist, aging doesn’t have to be a threatening concept. After all, for the artist, one’s art can only get better with age and experience. My paintings are the sum of my experiences in life and my skill with my chosen medium, so the passing of time is a good thing!

A few more reasons turning 38 is just fine:

  1. Mind-blowing fundraiser. My “Hope for Women” birthday campaign has raised over $1300 for women in Asia and with just a few days left, I think we might just triple my original goal of $500. Thank you!
  2. Fabulous cake. I try to make the fanciest cake I can think of for my birthday as an excuse to really indulge, and this year’s triple chocolate mousse cake was seriously over the top! So good.
  3. Health. This year I’ve seen a few nagging things pop up (just ask me about my bunions, I dare you!) but overall I’m so thankful to be healthy and strong. No one should ever take this for granted.
  4. People. The longer I live, the more amazing people I get to meet. I’ve got an incredible family (more on that later) and I love encountering new and interesting people, making friends and seeing relationships evolve and mature.
  5. Experiences. Getting older means more opportunities to experience new things. This year that means travel, but some years it’s just little things. Trying a new food, learning a new skill, hearing a new song or reading a special book.
  6. Perspective. Age and maturity have helped me to realize that 1. I can’t always trust my emotions and 2. I will survive whatever difficulty I am enduring. My children are 8, 10 and 12, and when they are going through a frustrating time, there is no convincing them that they will get through it and it’s not as big a deal as it seems. I am encouraged when I remember how past troubles have shaped me into a stronger person and I can trust God to help me with whatever is next.
  7. Family. For many years my parents lived on the other side of the world. I am so thankful they live nearby now and we can share so many memories.
  8. Family. My husband and I have been married for seventeen years and I can’t take for granted the joy of sharing life with a best friend and partner who is so worthy of my respect. I look forward to growing old with this guy. And my kids; as they get older I look forward more and more to all the experiences we will share and enjoy who they are becoming.
  9. My painting career. I love that I can do what I love AND view it as a career that is growing and moving ahead. It can be a frustrating, slow-moving journey, but it is always richly rewarding and exciting to imagine what lies ahead and what doors art will open to me, as it has already.
  10. I’m not 40 yet! Okay, this is silly, because I resolved long ago to embrace whatever age I’ve attained as a sign I’m still alive. And that’s a good thing!

Happy birthday to me!

Fun, Fresh Florals in Watercolour: A Few Sketches

  "Lilac Sisters" 5x7 watercolor by Angela Fehr

I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying painting these little 5″ x 7″ watercolor paintings for my charity fundraiser. As you may remember, every $50 donor gets a thank you painting, and I ask them to specify floral or landscape. So far, florals have the lead!

freesia sketch 5x7 watercolor by Angela Fehr

It does take time, even to create a small painting, and I might well be painting into May as the donations continue to trickle in (campaign ends March 8, 2015), but it’s worth it to know that we are making a difference in the world. Also, these small paintings are a great way to explore and experiment and the subjects might well turn up in larger paintings that I can use in gallery shows later this year.

daisies 5x7 watercolor by Angela Fehr

If you’ve donated to my “Hope for Women” fundraiser, you might well see one of these paintings in your mailbox in a few weeks’ time! And even if you can’t donate, you can still enter to win by visiting this post and filling out the rafflecopter entry form at the bottom of the page.

2015 Hope For Women Campaign Update

***Enter to win in the giveaway box at the bottom of the post***

My 2015 “Hope for Women” birthday fundraiser has been going GREAT! I am so excited to report that in two days we passed my goal of $500 raised and we are well on our way to doubling that amount.

One of the big incentives that donors have been taking advantage of is the $50 donation perk. Everyone who donates $50 to this campaign will receive a 5″ x 7″ original watercolor painting from me. I can tell you that I will be busy painting as people grab this deal. Ordinarily I would sell a 5″ x 7″ painting for $100 so it’s a great bargain and I’m having fun painting florals and landscapes to surprise my donors. Here’s a look at the first two 5″x7″ donor gifts:

Once my campaign passed $500, I promised I would add a second painting to the prize stash. So I can tell you that there will be two winners at the end of the campaign (in addition to the many women who will benefit from our donations) as I draw two names; one to receive my painting “Muncho Sentinels” and the second to receive the lovely floral painting “Golden Gift.” Here’s the video update with the second painting announcement:

“Golden Gift” measures 11″ x 11″ and is sure to brighten any home! So glad I can give it up for this great cause.

Golden Gift

And here’s another look at “Muncho Sentinels”. You don’t need to make a purchase to be entered to win (see the box below), and you can check out all the other details on my Indiegogo campaign site here.

muncho sentinels

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Give to Win! 2015 Birthday Fundraiser/Win a Painting

Muncho Sentinels | watercolour by Angela Fehr http://angelafehr.com

It has become a tradition that every year around my birthday (I’m turning 38 at the end of the month), I hold a fundraising campaign for charity. This year I’m giving to Gospel for Asia’s “Hope for Women” program, and if you join me, you could win a painting! A donation of as little as $5 gets you an entry in the draw for the beautiful “Muncho Sentinels” painting shown above. The painting is valued at $700 and it’s unframed, so I can ship it to the winning donor anywhere in the world.

The first five donors of $20 receive a free watercolour calendar, plus 4 entries in the draw, and $50 donors will receive a 5″x7″ painting painted just for them (valued at $100), plus ten entries in the draw. I’m excited about being able to give back this way and can’t wait to see this campaign grow. Won’t you consider visiting the fundraising site to check out the details? Even if you can’t give, you can share the campaign on social media and help spread the word.

Visit the link above to give and thank you!

Trees in Watercolor: “Birch Portrait”

One of my favourite local trees would have to be the birch. Our acreage in northern British Columbia is home to many birches, though they don’t all survive to adulthood as woodpeckers tend to drill them full of holes after they reach a certain age. I love the young birches for their coppery bark and the mature trees for the curls of bark peeling from the trunk and their feathery branches.

This winter I couldn’t get past the beauty of the sunset reflected on tree trunks and this painting was the result:

"Birch Portrait" watercolour by Angela Fehr | http://angelafehr.com

“Birch Portrait”
11.5″ x 11.5″ (29 x 29cm)
available for purchase

I only wish my camera did the colours in this painting justice. The subtleties of watercolor are lost in photos. As with most of my paintings, it takes a little time before I know for sure a painting is “done”; a fellow watercolorist tells me he has been known to unframe paintings that are years-old to make changes and corrections, but I haven’t had that happen…yet. I think every painting deserves closure at some point!

Color Drenched Florals: Last few days to save!

As a painting subject, flowers are wonderful! They are so full of colour, organic shape and very forgiving (after all, if a flower isn’t turning out the shape you see, you can always say it’s wilted a little, or been chewed by bugs!), and I think they lend themselves perfectly to loose, expressive painting.

"Alstromeria" watercolour by Angela Fehr

This is the reason I chose florals for my first BIG online course, “Color-Drenched Florals in Watercolor.” Building that course was a lot more work than I had anticipated, as it seemed like every time I videotaped a new demonstration, I would think of a better way to teach the material, and have to film it a second time!

Dainties 600w

Launching the course was a little frightening, too. There’s always the question of whether or not the material is as good as I think it is, and whether or not anyone will actually want to purchase the class. I really wasn’t certain I had the marketing knowhow to reach customers and keep good momentum for the long term. It was exciting to see the course numbers climb, as over 260 students have enrolled to date, and even more fun to read and participate in the lively discussions on the Student Gallery page, as students shared their work and their thoughts on the course assignments.

hothouse flowers & vase

As of January 31, 2015, the 50% off code for this course will expire, and while the course will still be available, I want to remind everyone that the $49 deal will last just a few days more. There is more than $99 worth of value in this course and it’s so much fun to create with fluid watercolor and enjoy the beauty and color of the natural world. I encourage you to sign up before the deal goes away, and invite your friends. Thank you as always for being part of my watercolor-loving community!