More Student Work and My Floral Course is Live! Coupon code attached.

Sharing more student work today. I really love the part of my job where I get to inspire others to paint! My floral course is live this week; I’ll be sharing the link to join the class at the end of this post.

First some paintings inspired by some of the tutorials and demonstrations on my Youtube channel. Cassandra painted these soft and pretty blueberries after watching my “5 Stroke Berries” video:
Cassandra Hall by email And Desiree watched all six videos in my “Paint a Sunflower” Youtube series. Isn’t her sunflower beautiful?Desiree Webster by email youtube tutorial Patt’s interest in watercolor was animated by my videos and she sent me several paintings including these cheerful sea turtles that makes me smile every time I look at it.Picture0011 I love seeing artists pursue their own expression and style after taking my course or watching my videos. That’s what it’s all about! Deborah, one of my online workshop students, has an abstract style and is transitioning from acrylic painting to watercolour. She makes me want to paint more abstracts!Deborah Reardon And Mistice painted this beautiful rose as a gift after taking my online workshop on Skillshare.Mistice Stankiewicz I’m very excited to be launching my NEW watercolour course, focused on painting florals in an expressive style. This course is packed with content and I’ve really tried to make it valuable for anyone wanting to paint more fluidly. One of my favourite sections is the one on negative painting, as I demonstrate a lilac painting that is both fluid and full of colour. There’s also a section on using special effects to paint lilies which is a lot of fun, and I demonstrate tulips, daisies and even an imaginary flower, just for fun.

If you’ve been waiting to take my floral course, now is the time to sign up. This course is priced at $99 but until July 31st, I’m offering the course for $30 to the first students willing to try it out and let me know how it goes. You can join and sign up here: How to Paint Colour-Drenched Florals in Watercolour (launch coupon)

Paint amazing, color drenched florals in watercolor after taking this online course.

Lilies in Progress (using Salt & Cling Wrap Techniques)

lilies in watercolour - progress pic | Angela Fehr watercolours

Lilies painted using cling wrap and salt effects to create the illusion of texture. One of the demonstrations in my online watercolor class.

I can’t believe it’s taking me so long to complete my “Florals in Watercolor” online course! It’s been literally months, and while I could blame homeschooling, housekeeping, bookkeeping, summer-funning, etc., it’s more a case of just wanting to cram into this course everything I know about watercolor. I really want everyone who take the course to get excited about watercolour, to find their own style of painting florals and to learn to think like an artist.

Today I’m filming the last two videos in the course, and then providing the fine tuning of the class set up doesn’t take too long, I should have a launch date for you soon.

Starting this week, I will be painting en plein air around the region at least once a week. I am inviting any local friends with an interest in painting to join me! First outing will take place July 4th.

Watercolor Pep Talk: Fear of the Blank Page

Something that made a huge difference in my painting was when I learned to stop allowing fear to influence my painting. It’s still a battle not to let that ugly voice have its say, but I’ve learned a few things that help me to paint more fearlessly, and I’m sharing them in my new video:

Now I just need to learn how to win over the battle with lack of time!

Inspiration Friday: Student Projects

One of my favourite things about teaching watercolour is having the opportunity to help others get excited about the medium. Watercolour can be so fun, but it’s frustrating when you are trying to learn it and struggling. Sometimes all you need is someone to come alongside with a few words of guidance.

Sometimes all you need is to see someone tackling the medium with energy and confidence. It happened to me a couple of years ago, and just being given permission to say, “I am going to enjoy painting, and try to paint like ME, without condemnation,” was all the impetus I needed to break through barriers in my art. Since then I’ve had so much fun with watercolor, and grown a lot in my style and vision for my work.

I’m excited to be able to share a bit over the next few weeks from some of my watercolour students. The first batch of paintings I’m going to share come from my Skillshare “Fluidity in Watercolour” class, and are just a little, well, fruity! One of the first exercises in the class is to paint a simple object in a fluid way. My example was an apple, so many of the students painted apples, but we had a few other varieties of fruit, as well.

Dana K

“Apple Exercise” by Dana K.

It’s fun to see how different everyone’s paintings can be, even on something so simple as a piece of fruit! See how adding wet-in-wet, fluid colour makes the apple look so juicy?

Kathleen L.

“Apple Exercise” by Kathleen L.


“Apple Exercise” by Tuğba

This piece has spatter that looks so fun, and a muted palette. I love the way the leaf just flows off in a soft edge.

Jenny F

Radishes, by Jenny F.

Of course I love seeing the fluid techniques applied to other objects as well. Aren’t these sketches great? This radish is a great way to use pink instead of an orange-red, and I love the way the colour just drips off the page. You have to be brave to let a painting drip like this!

Sue Hole

“Fruit Exercises” by Sue H.

My favourite of Sue’s several fruit sketches has to be the papaya. We had a papaya tree in our yard in Papua New Guinea and the seeds look just like that. It’s really neat to be able to get a realistic depiction while still keeping a loose feeling to the painting.

Bravo to all my students and I look forward to seeing more of their work as they share it on the student galleries on the web site. I’ll be sharing more of their work over the next few weeks. My online watercolour class continues (600 students and counting) and you are welcome to join at any time. I am also working on a watercolour class that will focus more in-depth on painting florals in watercolour, and if you are signed up to receive my newsletter, you will be the first to hear when it goes live, AND receive a coupon code for 50% off the class price!

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New Video Tutorial: How Much Water Should I Use?

I posted a new YouTube video yesterday, aimed at beginners. This one is a bit of a show & tell about how wet you want your paper to be when painting in watercolor.

I’ve been gardening and coaching soccer this month, lots of stuff going on! Watching the skies to see if my 8 year old will be playing soccer tonight or if my new shrubs will be getting a drink instead. Isn’t summer lovely?

Kids’ Art Class: Painting Wrap Up

girls' art class | Angela Fehr

Friday I held my last girls’ art class of the school year. It was such a beautiful day, we just had to paint outdoors. I set up three tables in the yard, and we painted 12″ x 24″ canvases. Every girl was inspired in a different way, and they all turned out fantastic!

I’ve really enjoyed working with these creative young women and while I am looking forward to taking July off from teaching classes, I love the energy that teaching brings into my home studio.

Encouraged by Growth: a painting discovery

I am packing today for the Dawson Creek Farmer’s Market tomorrow morning. I enjoy being at the Farmer’s Market; it’s a great time of interacting with the community and I always meet someone fascinating and get to share my own story.

My table is a smorgasbord of creative stuff; paintings of course, my watercolour note cards, paper crafting projects and materials for sale, stuff my kids have made to sell (jewellery, travel washcloths), and even a little baking if the mood strikes me.

I removed some older paintings from their mats so I could fit something fresh inside, and found on the back side of one painting this little landscape circa 2005:peace country landscape

I had completely forgotten about it (you’d be amazed at how often that happens) and was struck by its charm. I can compare it to my paintings today, and see considerable growth, but it’s still a sweet landscape and it felt a little nostalgic to discover it after all these years.

The location is the Peace River, north of my home near Dawson Creek, British Columbia, but where exactly, I do not know. And our autumns really are that yellow.

New Painting: Saskatchewan Sunset

I did create one painting while we were on our trip. Wade and I took a ride on an ATV out in his folks’ pasture and I was so tempted to get up early one morning to paint the sunrise on the marsh near their home. So beautiful and full of waterfowl!

One the way back to the house, I was struck by the sky above the trees bordering the yard. Clouds so dark and the sunset at that “overripe” stage, just fading to dusk. I immediately set out to paint it as soon as we were back indoors.

"Saskatchewan Sunset" watercolour painting by Angela Fehr |

Sunsets are tricky to photograph, which makes them hard to paint, since there’s an absence of good reference material. Painting them immediately, while the colours and contrast are still fresh, is the best way to do it.

“Saskatchewan Sunset” measures 9″ x 12″ and is available for purchase by contacting me.

Visiting Waterton National Park

Red Rock Parkway, Waterton National Park, Alberta, Canada | angelafehr.comOur family recently returned from a ten day vacation. We love to travel together, but my husband is self-employed as a builder and so we find it hard to plan around his work schedule. When he gets a few days off, we’d better be ready to go!

Mountains appearing south of Lethbridge, Alberta Canada |

Our first glimpse of the mountains as we near Waterton National Park. Getting excited!

Approaching Waterton National Park, Alberta, Canada |

Imagining what it would be like to enjoy this daily view!

This was the first time we’d been able to vacation (outside of annual visits to family) in about four years and we enjoyed every minute of the drive to Waterton National Park in southern Alberta. Many people I talked to prior to our trip commented that Waterton was their favourite park, and we sure found out why! The park was just opening up for the season and so the stream of tourists was only a trickle; perfect for a family that is used to rural life.

Waterton Lake, Alberta Canada | Angela

Waterton Lake, Alberta Canada |

Waterton is known for beautiful Waterton Lake, and for sharing its border with Glacier National Park in Montana. We experienced both parks as we took a boat tour across the lake, marveling at the brilliant blue-green of the glacier-fed lake, the rugged rocky coast, and the spires of mountain peaks framing every perspective. You are right if you imagine that I took hundreds of photos, planning paintings in my mind!Waterton Lake, Alberta Canada | Angela

Red Rock Parkway in Waterton National Park, Alberta Canada |

While Waterton didn’t have the feel of a large park; we spend two full days there and really felt like we saw everything we wanted to see. We drove the Red Rock Parkway to Red Rock Canyon; a beautiful drive with mountain sheep and black bears grazing along the hills, and hiked on several different trails. There were still a few skiffs of snow along the trail, though the sun was warm, and the boys in our family declared war on each other, throwing snowballs all the way. We traversed an avalanche field and studied the destructive wake. We ate ice cream, bought souvenirs and watched the Survivor finale in our hotel room at night.

Avalanche site, Waterton National Park |

Crossing the avalanche field.

Waterton townsite, Waterton National Park, Alberta Canada |

Overlooking Waterton townsite.

Shooting Stars in Waterton National Park, Alberta Canada |

Wildflowers in bloom everywhere!

The Prince of Wales hotel in Waterton National Park, Alberta Canada |

Historic Prince of Wales hotel in Waterton National Park.

Hiking in Waterton National Park | Waterton Lake Overlook, Waterton National Park, Alberta, Canada |

When it came time to head home, we took our time. Our home in northern British Columbia falls along the border of BC and Alberta, just a little east of the Rocky Mountains, so we drove through the mountains all the way home, passing through Yoho National Park, Lake Louise, and Jasper National Park. We’ve spent a lot of time at Jasper since it’s only 5 hours drive from home, but this was the first time passing through in the spring, and there was still a lot of snow on the mountains. We competed to see who could spot a glacier first, and skipped rocks on a frozen lake (much easier than on an unfrozen one!).

Black Bear in Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada | waterfalls in Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada | Visiting Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada |

Family vacations are always enjoyable, and when we get to spend them in one of the most beautiful places on earth, we are pretty fortunate. And proud to be Canadian! It’s like we own a little piece of wonder, right here.

Visiting Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada |