PPC94: Growing Up layout with Indie Chick and Prima

Some of my favourite colours are included in the Scrapbooker’s Paradise PPC#94 colour challenge this week, and yet I had a hard time working with them. I’ve been making Christmas cards and projects for the past while and it felt strange to switch gears from green, red and gold and work with such soft, light colours.

I know a Christmas card done in these colours could be fun as well, in fact, I think I have one. (rummaging in files…)

Aha! So I could totally have taken it easy this week and just used this older card that I’ve never posted as my challenge project, but you get to enjoy a double feature, because I did make a layout as well.

We have just a tiny garden patch. It looks larger than it is, and so I’m always disappointed by our small harvest. But it’s good for us to be outdoors, learning to grow things, and we enjoyed our potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers (all six!) and strawberries this year. And my raspberries always produce well.

The kids were a lot of help this year and loved to be out watering and picking. Weeding, not so much.

I used pretty paper from My Mind’s Eye Indie Chick collections. The 6″x6″ pads go a long way for me and the colours are perfect for this challenge. And the stamps are so pretty – they are from Prima.

I love how with stamps you can create a huge variety of colour schemes, moods and designs. Definitely my favourite way to add interest to a project, and something I try to include in all of my classes.

Well, that’s it for me! Check out what the rest of the design team has done, join in the challenge and win some great prizes, and don’t forget to shop online or in-store at Scrapbooker’s Paradise. They have frequent sales and today it’s a Black Friday sale!

A Watercolour Exercise and Prima Painted Canvas

Right now I have no classes on the agenda. Feels a little weird, and a lot liberating. I needed this break.

My studio is a disaster area. Right after I decided to take a break from classes, six cases of canvases pre-ordered from Opus arrived. I will be doing mixed media classes, but not for a while.

Yesterday I started a painting; actually, I hesitate to call it a painting because the word evokes ideas of art galleries and framing, and what I really need is to be free to experiment without the pressure of a positive outcome.

What I like: The expressive feel of this exercise.

What I don’t like: Needs more variation in value and a more developed composition.

What I want to do: Find my “zone,” released from expectations and rules.

I also have done a little combining with painting and scrapbooking. Check out this page:

The background is Prima canvas, which has a pattern printed on it in beige. I painted it with watercolour paint (see my video tutorial here) and then used markers to outline and doodle and did a little stamping as well! Just love it.

I did some sorting and I now have a full portfolio of paintings I’m not going to frame but don’t want to throw away, and a box of stamped cards that I will be donating to a worthy cause. Any suggestions? Many of them are too girly to give to Operation Write Home.

Prima License Plate Hello Sign

So I had kind of a funky idea and I haven’t showed it to anyone else yet, so I don’t know if it works or if it’s just all in my mind, you know? Sometimes I’m not very objective when it comes to a project into which I’ve poured a lot of energy.

My idea was to make something cool to hang on the front door. Something that says “spring” and something that suits my vintage rustic style. I like rusty signs in my kitchen, vintage sleds leaning against the wall, and broken garden tools sprouting in my garden. So I used an old license plate.

The year on the plate is 1963, and I bought it ten years ago at a yard sale to use in crafts. It’s about time I got around to it!

I didn’t want to cover the plate entirely, but I did want to have a message beyond the numbers on the plate, so I used Scrabble tiles (another passion, and just to let you know that I thoroughly beat my sister the last time we played; she usually beats me.) So, using a piece of Prima Resistant Canvas as my base, I watercoloured the canvas, stamped it and adhered the Scrabble tiles, and then covered the whole thing with Rock Candy crackle paint.

And just as a treat for you, I’m practising my videography and did a little tutorial on using watercolour on canvas. Just FYI.

I’d love to know what you think of this project! It was fun to make, and I think it says my name, if you know what I mean.