Took a little extra time this evening to work on my alstromeria painting. Will not be called that in the final titling, I promise! I love this photo, taken just as my Valentine’s Day bouquet began to wither. I love macro photography, and it’s so fun learning how to do it, using my limited equipment.

Would you believe I actually tried to paint this first in acrylics? Foolish thought. Acrylics in my hands cannot capture the beautiful transparency and delicacy of the colours. I think if I am to use the two canvases I recently purchased, it will have to be a complete departure from anything I do in watercolour – which is why I’ve covered over my acrylic first effort in a dark antique white and am planning a mixed media/collage attempt – maybe a merging of painting and scrapbook style, seeing as I love both!

I want to finish my watercolour alstromeria first and my goal for this piece is to keep it simple. No multitudes of glazes for this one! Lots of wet-in-wet work though.

Speaking of wet-in-wet…you should see my kids after playing outside these days! Spring is definitely here, and spring in the Peace River country means MUD. Magnetic for my two-year-old!