Motion 312: What the Pro-Choice are Really Saying.

I guess I am a little naive. I really didn’t think that Motion 312 would be defeated so easily, and I certainly didn’t expect that in the days after there would be an angry outcry demanding the resignation of Minister Rona Ambrose for her yes vote on the motion.

I am, and have always been, quietly pro-life. Quietly because I don’t believe outspoken random debate (on Facebook, for example) to be an effective tool for changing anyone’s mind, and also because I would hate to be the cause of further pain to a silent sufferer of the aftermath of abortion. I’m not tactful enough to avoid that.

The opposition to Motion 312 makes it very clear that this is not about science. They (the pro-abortion) won’t examine our constitution’s definition of a human being, because they know the current position is not defensible. Tragically, the opposition to M-312 don’t see any way to protect both the unborn and women, and their unwillingness to even open it up for debate shows the blind, unreasoning panic that drives them. Logic says that if what you believe is based on truth, you can defend it without fear that it will collapse when examined.

As I’ve been thinking about this the past few days, I keep thinking of abolition and the American Civil War. This furious determination to protect a way of life. That idea that we can’t have it both ways; we can’t give them a voice without ruining the good thing we have going here. Sure, there are some sticky questions involved when we start examining issues surrounding human life, women’s “reproductive rights” and how to respect the rights of mother and child when at times they seem in conflict. Does that mean we should avoid confronting those questions?

I’m proud to be a woman. I’m thankful that I live in Canada, a country where women can be free to make choices, have a voice in government and society, choose to bear children…or not. I guess the saddest thing of all to me is how little choice the “pro-choice” movement really has. They can’t debate it. They foster secrecy and untruth. Those who oppose them are subject to censure and bile. Those who choose abortion believe they have no other choice.

I guess I just keep coming back to, why not talk about it? If it’s right, it will remain right even under scrutiny. If it’s broken, shouldn’t we fix it?