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  1. Kelly
    October 31, 2012 @ 4:57 pm

    Draw a portrait of the main character/villain.
    Write a book review/newspaper review of the book.
    Write a new synopsis for the back cover.
    Make a scrapbook for the main character.
    Make a word collage – cut out words or phrases from magazines & newspapers that tell something about your book and glue them into a collage.
    Write an acrostic poem about the book.
    Turn the book, or a particular section of the book, into a 4-10 panel cartoon.
    Pretend you are the teacher and write a test for the novel. (My students use to love this one. Sometimes I’d have them swap tests and they would have to take each others’. It was always a hit.)
    Write/draw an advertisement to convince other people to read the book.
    Write a letter to the main character.
    Create a travel brochure for the setting of the story.
    Pick an event in the book and pretend you are a reporter – write a newspaper article or tv news presentation about the event.
    Write a letter to the author of the book, telling them why you liked their book. (If the author is still living, make sure you mail it!)
    Pretend you are the main character and write their diary entries.
    Present the book to your schoolmates by doing a puppet play.
    Act out a scene from the book.
    Make a timeline of the events in the book.
    Write and perform a song about the book.
    Write a letter to a movie producer to convince them why the book should be made into a movie.
    Write what the main character would do/be like 20 years from now.
    Pretend you are the main character and send a postcard to another character in the book.
    Make a bookmark for the book – use words or draw pictures that tell you something about the book.