1. Phyllis Mosley
    May 9, 2017 @ 10:33 am

    Weather in Maine is similar to your area. I don’t have a standing easel. I could make one,mbut I want to keep my tripod for use with my camera. I’m soon going to purchase a Soho watercolor plein air easel from Jerry’s Artarama. I have already thought about weights…..I have plenty of cloth bags. I plan to have a few 16.9 oz water bottles filled with tap water to use as weights—for both my easel and my camera tripod— and to provide water for my painting and cleanup. I have a tip for you! Once you have your W&N easel set up, take a photo of it. Print the photo, write some notes to yourself…..stress-free plein air setup! Love all your tips and lessons.

    • Angela Fehr
      June 1, 2017 @ 11:58 am

      Great tips! Thank you!

  2. Linda
    May 9, 2017 @ 6:22 pm

    I bought a cheap music stand that folds down that I use as an easel. I love it. I also have an iPad clamp that multitasks for my palette and magnets and hooks for other attachments. In fact I use it in my “studio” too. I know where everything is all the time.

    • Angela Fehr
      June 1, 2017 @ 11:56 am

      It’s nice to be able to use what we have without spending lots! And I agree, a system that works well will get used everywhere! Sounds like you found yours.

  3. Pili Diaz
    May 31, 2017 @ 10:44 pm

    Finding the time to paint …I paint or draw in my big garden, but I get soon distracted. That is my main problem. Last year I went on a painting holiday, but focusing and learning not to get overwhelmed is my goal. My husband made me a shelf for my easel with watercup holder. Never used outside. I have all materials so really no excuse to go outside and paint. ☺

    • Angela Fehr
      June 1, 2017 @ 11:56 am

      Oh, I am exactly the same way – my home is beautiful in the summer and yet I get too busy to go out and paint it!