I’m posting two lesson videos each week and as I do so, I’ve been reminded of how much I love teaching and sharing what I’ve learned in this wonderful medium of watercolor. I don’t know if I would love painting quite so much without the opportunity to share that love through teaching, and in the lesson this week I love that it’s packed with little tips to help you paint more intuitively too!

I started this painting with a blank page and no expectations, and the first decision I needed to make was “sky or flower?” From there I got to spend about an hour painting an intuitive floral (spoiler alert!). The fun of intuitive painting is that it is based on my favourite colours and shapes, so it can feel really self-indulgent, as what I’m really doing is chasing the prettiest result.

Watch the video, then move on to the next part in the series (it should auto-play, depending on your YouTube settings).

I get to give away a Robax palette, Escoda brushes and enrollment in both of my loose floral classes this week! Enter here. This giveaway closes July 15th, but there’s a giveaway each week, and the grand prize giveaway, view the current links at watercolorsummerchallenge.com