Autumn Tango


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Autumn says goodbye with such flair, doesn’t it? Although I’ve learned to love winter in the north, seeing the first changing leaves brings a feeling of dread. The beauty of fall is a distraction from the looming cold and I spend many hours tramping through the forest with my camera, breathing in the rich smells and savouring the beautiful gold, red, copper and violet of autumn. I think there’s a lesson in here for us; to celebrate what we have now instead of dreading its departure, to live with joyous enthusiasm.

“Autumn Tango” measures 14″ x 21″ inches (36 x 53 cm) and is unframed. Panel mounting can be provided by request(please allow 4-6 weeks for mounting). Ships insured.

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Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 22 x 1 in


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