Angela Fehr

watercolour paintings

I Believe:

When I discovered watercolour, I found a passion that brought my world to life with colour and beauty. I believe that when we do what we were created to do, the things that make us light up inside, we can live with true purpose in a life that is not random, where every happening is designed to move us one step closer to completeness.

Who I am:

Retro loving country girl, creative couch potato turned runner. I never choose black when there’s a colourful alternative! Loving living an adventurous life with my husband and three children. Believing that if I put the people I love first in my life, there will still be a place to make my dreams come true within my reality. 

What I Do:


Watercolour has washed my world in vibrant, fluid colour. As I paint, I engage with the paint and water, creating expressive, intuitive paintings that celebrate the beauty of northern Canada where I live, that capture memories and share a piece of myself and my many loves; the landscape, the sky, the colour of the world and the people I am blessed to know. The act of painting so enriches my life and I love seeing the joyfulness that spills out of each piece of art I create.


Painting can be a solitary pursuit, and for an artist who loves people and relationship, teaching is a way to connect. In teaching online, I have build a community of thousands of fellow watercolour lovers, sharing my “light bulb” moments and empowering artists to find their inner voice. Students are assured, You are not alone! and You can do this! as they embark on a watercolour adventure to last a lifetime.


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Recent Videos

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