artist Angela Fehr

There is something about beauty that demands a response. Hands clenched on the steering wheel, feverishly memorizing tone, texture; vivid hues of sun-streaked sky, grain splashed with cobalt shadow. From panorama to palette to paper, watercolour my voice, a transparent, fluid means of savouring the glory inherent in the spaces I occupy.

It’s been nineteen years since I first discovered watercolour, a shy teenager newly returned to Canada. During my teen years I’d lived with my family in a remote village in Papua New Guinea, and the solitude had cemented a passion for art that I was excited to pursue. In that first class, I quickly realized that watercolour was a perfect fit for me. There is something about the fluidity of pairing paint and water and allowing them to “collaborate” on a page that is so captivating. It’s never boring, and always unexpected.

Over the years I’ve had many wonderful artistic opportunities. I’ve worked as a graphic artist, web site designer and freelance writer; served on the board of a local art society; shown my art in solo and group shows; taught art classes to children and adults; been featured in magazines, newspapers and web sites; and even been featured as a watercolour expert for a local television station. The world is full of exciting opportunities and new people to meet, learn from and enjoy, and I love to be a part of it all.

As a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (Peace River Chapter), the Peace Watercolour Society and the South Peace Art Society, I enjoy the companionship of fellow artists and the opportunity to show my work several times annually as part of these societies’ group exhibitions.

In addition to painting, I teach paper crafting, homeschool my three children, support my husband in his business and love living on an acreage in northeastern British Columbia. It takes creativity to live a full and interesting life, and I love creating art every day!

Artistic Résumé